Policies & Prices


Daily Bargain Matinee (all shows starting before 4pm) are $5.00
After 4pm start times;
General Admission (ages 13-54) are $8.50
Children (12 & Under) and Seniors (55 and over) are $6.25
Please Note: Children under 3 years old do not require a ticket unless they or their belongings will occupy a seat. In that case, a Children's ticket must be purchased. 



ALL TICKETS and SNACKS are 1/2 Price on Tuesdays! Special Engagement (a movie where the film studio has told us we are not allowed to offer 1/2 Priced Tuesday Tickets) must be excluded from the 1/2 Price Ticket Promotion. However, the 1/2 Price Snack Promotion will still occur each and every Tuesday!



You are not forced to purchase any of our Food and Drink offerings at the theater, but to avoid allergens and annoyances to other customers, absolutely NO Outside Food or Drinks are permitted into the Chabot. Please plan ahead as we are unable to store any items for you during your visit. However, Bottled Water (especially water in reusable water bottles) ARE allowed to be brought into the Chabot.



Unlike most of our nearby competitors, the Chabot will permit you to bring bags into the theater. However, for the safety and security of all Chabot Customers and Employees, ALL bags being brought into the Chabot are subject to random bag inspection and search. If you do not wish a bag to be inspected, please do not bring a bag with you to the theater. Again, please plan accordingly as we are unable to store any items for you during your visit. 



For capacity and control purposes, All ticket sales, whether purchased in person at the Chabot, online via TheChabot.com or via Fandango are FINAL. However, if you purchased a ticket and for whatever reason cannot attend the show, the Chabot will issue you a Pass Ticket to use at a later date provided that your original showtime has not yet occured prior to your return of the ticket. This same policy applies for online purchases which means, YES, you must visit the theater in person, have your online ticket purchase validated, and have your pass issued PRIOR to the event start time you purchased a ticket for. 
Tickets purchased online via TheChabot.com include a 99 cent convenience fee (compared to a $1.70 convenience fee charged by Fandango). In the event of a ticket return or change, there are no refunds on the convenience fee charged nor will a pass be issued for these fees for any reason. 
In the event of any other show cancellation for any reason, refunds will not be issued. Passes to return to the Chabot at a later date are the only remedy to any issue.
All customers are expected to observe all theater policies. Once the movie has begun, all customers are expected to remain quiet, stay in their seats, and not distract from the movie in any way. Electronic devices are to be set to SILENT and not be taken out and illuminated for any reason in the auditorium during the movie. If you have a need, please proceed to the lobby BEFORE using your device for any reason.
Parents, we understand that children make noise and have a hard time sitting still for periods of time. However, if they are distracting other customers in the auditorium we must ask you to minimally bring them out to the lobby to settle them down. Please remember our theater does not have doors between the lobby and auditorium, so you may need to step outside if they are VERY loud. 
Management reserves the right to not only refuse service, but to eject any customer for any reason at any time from the Chabot. In those very rare cases, the ejected party will most likely not receive a refund OR a pass to return at a later date.